Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Berhenti Merokok itu Indah

STOP smoking and does not BEGIN IT

Smoke are toxic substances that give effect sugesti relaxed and feel more masculine. Behind the usefulness or benefit cigarette replied that it contained a very big danger for people who smoke and people around the smoker is not a smoker.

Let's stop smoking
smoking is not easy but it is possible to dilakukan.berhenti smoking is a requirement for those who want to live more healthy.

There is a stop mother Smoke
  • Plans for a strong stop smoking
  • Find reason why you want to stop merokok.missal family wants to follow tips
  • Set a date to stop Smoke in the period of less than 2 weeks
  • Ask for support for our friends and family

prifit do not smok
  • Agency healthy and in shape, relieved breath, skin wrinkles are not and do not smell of cigarettes
  • avoided from various diseases due to cigarette
  • Spending more cost-efficient

What is the passive smoker suffering from the more active?

Cigarette smoke can affect health directly perokok.seorang not passive smoker may suffer some illness, as the illness aktif.racun smoker smoke cigarettes even more harmful bias antibody that shaped the body when the smoker passive cigarette smoke poisons into the body.

Stop smoking before Smoke discontinues you,

Commercial appreciate yourself!
Smoking, other than dangerous to health also self-destructive health of others.
  • By not smoking, you have bearti keep the air clean and healthy
  • Merokoklah in the space provided
  • Do not smoke in the room is closed to bus, train, and various other vehicles jenih
  • Ask the person nearest the agreement, if you want to smoke by the public (remember, smoker aktifpun not affected other people's cigarette smoke)
  • Practice your sensitivity, whether they are not happy if you smoke
  • appreciate the rights of others to breathe clean air and healthy without cigarette smoke.

Who is that the active Smoker?
  • Perokok active people who are consuming cigarettes regularly, with a little amount of any (one stem per cigarette is enough to as the active smoker)
  • Peroko active person who is removing the cigarette walu not even routine (smoker'm just a beginner who try, try also called active smoker)
  • Perokok active person who is removing the cigarette, maybe a blow-hembuskan smoke cigarettes, even though no These (inhale) into the lungs even

Who is passive Smoker?
Passive smoker who is not a smoker but other people's cigarette smoke, or who are in a closed room with people who are smoking.

What is the effect presentation Smoke smokes?
  • Display smoke cigarettes continuously bias lead to heart disease, lung, and the type of cancer that ended in death, bronchitis and pneumonia in children, asthma aggravate the situation, and ear infections.
  • nonsmoker on the woman during pregnancy causes fetal growth and decrease the risk of sudden death in infants
  • Smoke cigarettes are also sources of pollution in the room, which can be disrupting the physical conditions, such as eye and nose irritation, headaches, hoarse throat, cough, headache keadan, and respiratory disturbances.

Substance substance that exists on Smoke
  • monoxida's carbon, a type of gas that has no odor. This substance is very toxic. If the substance is involved in hemoglobin, the oxygen in the blood condition.
  • Nicotine, oily liquid that is not in color and taste can make a very poignant. This prevents contraction nicotine hunger. That's why someone can not feel hungry because of smoking.
  • Ammonia, Him is very sharp and very stimulating baunya
  • Formic acid. This liquid is very sharp and puncture baunya. This substance can cause a person feel like being bitten all
  • Hydrogen Cyanide,. This substance is a substance that most lightweight, highly flammable and efficient to prevent everywhere.
  • Cyanide is one of the substances that contain poison, which is very dangerous. A few entered directly into the Cyanide in the body can lead to death.
  • Methanol, a type of light which liquid and vapor readily combustible. Drink or smoke methanol can cause blindness and even kematiant the diisap time smoking will cause lung cancer. (Kampusoke)